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We live as "Man's Sons" who fell into a deep sleep after creation, and not remember who and where we are. But, retrieving the concept expressed by Helen Schucman (1909-1981), in the famous book "A Course in Miracles", there is a technique for awaking:  the "forgiveness".

What, however doesn’t mean smarts… forgive the blame and the "sins" of others. This would only admit, quantically, that blame and sins exist.

If you believe you have suffered an attack or have been offended by someone, with "forgiveness you may create the feeling as if the harassment and attacks brother to brother had in fact never happened".

We shouldn’t forgive the sins, because doing so we'ld create their reality. We have to imagine; see and feel in our hearts, without judging and without ego, that simply never existed any sin. With this perspective all our sins will be forgiven too.

The clearest example of this attitude is Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, that is not the only man's son, but only one illuminated man that was awared  and belongs to the Divine Matrix (all we are fragments of an unique Matrix).

Jesus, in fact, not died for our sins: "The real meaning of the crucifixion lies in the apparent intensity of the assault of some of Man's Sons upon another and "the assault, judged by Ego as the more offensive, actually doesn’t matter". "It’s no important", because bad and aggression - also in a the most violent form, as shown by crucifixion - doesn’t exist.

This approach has two purposes:

 1-Release us and the other of guilt and sin.

2-Modify the quantum reality of the past (how it scientifically happens with quantum particles).

If the changes in our planet seem inevitable, as the scientific data point, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have the right to defend ourselves. Many scholars and authors are devoting to this arduous task, disseminating the history of our true origins and explaining how, why and when this already happened.

The secret to break the deadlock is knowledge:

1) who are we?

2) Why and who made us as we are?

3) Which the preceding errors of whom?

4) How to deal with the violent nature developments without repeating the mistakes of the past?

5) Have we the quantum capable for changing the reality that we’ll face?

I suggest that learning the correct technique of prayer can influence the events to come. Expected events as an "apocalypse" would be nothing more that our chance to resurface. Instructions were left thousands of years ago by survivors of the last cataclysm that generated the universal deluge. However, these instructions were buried by over thousands of years and not Jesus, sent to lighten the situation, achieved a sufficient space for the concepts were assimilated.

 Everything that happens on this planet by collective consciousness emerges. It is the product of the combined reality shared by all. This reality is modeled, partially-formed and created by you ... each second, hour and day. Thoughts are quantum waves that generate the reality of each time, and can be used by you to modify the quantum realities that were created by other thoughts before you ...

Our thoughts, ideas, decisions, choices and determinations will create, and create now, the Reality...

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