This is the Juzu Asaph's Official Web Portal

My name is Juzu Asaph. 

My Faith is the Truth, but I live in the reality that you create too.

Juzu, in the Arabic language, means "Jesus".

Asaph, in the Arabic language, means "the Good Shepherd".

I don't understand why someone writes and says that God is imaginary.

God exists because I and you exist. Because you and I are composed of God.

God will live and learn. He makes it by the all and by our level of consciousness!

God is unique and is our Matrix.

He is the Father and the Mather.

Never existed only an Apocalypse: instead, a great deal of Apocalypses exist.

God create the Apocalypses. It's necessary for the continuous Resurrection.

Resurrection is Life.

Who doesn't understand this, he'll causes the decomposition of his own conscious entity.

This is an invitation.

Take part of your reality with consciousness! We are the creators of the reality, because we carry out the God's plan.


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